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My name is Margaret Bastar, and I was part of the 2011-2012 Masters in Aprendizaje y Enseñanza de español como Lengua Extranjera. Upon my return from Spain, I knew I needed to get on the job hunt and start applying for jobs. I updated my resume, adding newly gained experiences such as ‘Teaching Spanish to Romanians’, and ‘Taught Levels 5, 7, & 8 of TRINITY’ (Oral Examinations for Advanced English).

Using sites like, LinkedIn, and even Facebook, I began promoting my CV online as well, just in case.

I moved to Colombia a few months ago to continue the search for an English teaching position in person. I was surprised to find I was competing with a surprising amount of American and British teachers who share my dream to live abroad for a few years. All of the potential employers commented on what an impressive CV I had, and how it was great that I had so much experience. Before the Teach & Learn Program, my resume would have been little more than a blank page with a few volunteer teaching hours. The best part was that some schools only admit teachers with a Masters and TESL Certification, both of which I was now able to provide.

I did worry that US Schools would be less enthused about my not-so accredited degree from Spain. However, I’ve been receiving e-mail inquiries from American schools and language institutes as a response to my online resume pages without having sent a single e-mail. I know that I may need more schooling to legitimize my Masters by US Standards, but I don’t mind. I feel like it’s better for me to have a few years of experience under my belt before returning, in order to understand the value & application of the teaching resources I learn.

In the meantime, this degree has served as an eye-catcher on my resume, given me the edge when compared to other applicants, and allowed for higher pay & more benefits offered by interviewing schools. Without the Teach & Learn Program I wouldn’t be able to compete in today’s job market. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in teaching – not just for the degree, but for a truly priceless internship.



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