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Stephanie Bermudez. Master in International Education.

The Teach & Learn Program offered me a dynamic and multi-faceted education that went far beyond the classroom. The program paired invaluable teaching experience with theoretical knowledge all while immersing me in an authentic cultural experience.

My field of study was International Education and I can’t think of a better experience than to put into practice what I was studying. By participating in the program overseas, I was able to better understand the Spanish educational system from two distinct perspectives: the student and the teacher. Such experience proved invaluable to me on both a personal and professional level.

In addition to learning within the classroom, I also took full advantage of the opportunity to travel and get to know Spain—and parts of Europe—on a more intimate level. I also made life-long friends that welcomed me and made me feel part of Spanish life. I even met my now husband while living in Madrid so I can’t say that my year abroad was short of anything!

In regards to work, I found that my experience complemented many jobs that I was interested in and as a result offered me many transferrable skills and opportunities. I secured interviews at various universities, non-profits, and start-ups, where I hoped to work directly with students, particularly international students.

Ultimately, I decided to work as a Career Advisor at a private university in New York City that caters to a large international student population. My position combines all of my favorite aspects of education with my personal strengths, while drawing on my international experience to better understand and connect with my students. As for the English component, I also do consulting work for an EdTech start-up and find that I draw on my teaching experience every day.

In summary, don’t think twice about this program! In addition to obtaining your MA in your chosen field and building your resume or portfolio, you will also receive a life-time of memories, travels, and experiences. While there are things that you can quantify, Teach & Learn blends the best of both worlds by providing you with tangibles and intangibles.



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