¿Qué es la Unión Europea? – The Franklin Students' Blog

Delaney Barr, Butler University; Marco Gallegos, University of Arizona; Matthew Howell, Rider University; Margarita Ochoa, University of Arizona; Jordyn Wyatt, University of Central Missouri Estudiantes de la clase de la Unión Europea explican su historia y su papel en las relaciones internacionales.

Toledo: A City of Three Cultures – The Franklin Students' Blog

Just about an hour south of Madrid, you will find the city of Toledo, which is an excellent example of the expansive history of Spain. Throughout time, Spain has been home to many different people from various cultures including Christians, Jews and Arabs. At one time, these three cultures lived and thrived, working together to […]

Classroom Management: Madrid vs. Anywhere Farther North – The Franklin Students' Blog

One of the characteristic differences you will notice during your first weeks in on of Madrid’s secondary or bachillerato classrooms is the noise. Indeed, there’s always somebody talking, and you may not be able get the culprits in your crosshairs because there are too many of them. The utterances “Silence!” and “Quiet!” are no longer […]

Post T&L Archives – Página 2 de 2 – The Franklin Students' Blog

My name is Asha Francisco and I participated in the Teach & Learn Program 2013-2014. I went with a specific goal in mind, and I ended up accomplishing exactly what I wanted. I attended Oregon State University. I double majored… Read more On being asked to share my experience and reflect on my time as […]

Relaciones Internacionales – Negocios Archives – The Franklin Students' Blog

Mitchell Crocby Macheske, University of Central Florida; Elliot Luis Montesinos, St. Mary´s University; Hannah Marie Powers, Colorado State University; Caleb Croizer Rudge, SUNY Stony Brook; Kimberly Elizabeth Siehl, College of New Jersey, Katherine M. Voss, The University of Oklahoma. En… Read more Brittany Panko, Kooper Taylor, University of Oklahoma; Marisa Hoffman, University of Arizona; Pornprom […]

¿Cómo es hacer amigos con los jóvenes españoles? – The Franklin Students' Blog

Benedict Odita, Rider University; Carley Chollman, University of Tennessee; Allison Halat, SUNY Stony Brook; Bailey Outwater, Auburn University; Lynn Neef, Slippery Rock Unviersity; Marisa Hoffman, Carmelo Moraila, Jennifer Perez, Danitza Siqueiros, Samantha Snider, Colton Wright, University of Arizona. En la clase de Tradiciones de España: comunicación oral tuvimos la visita de jóvenes españoles con el motivo […]

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