El camino de las estrellas


Marco Gallegos, University of Arizona El camino de las estrellas conocido como “El camino de Santiago” o simplemente “El camino” es una ruta en España que toman los peregrinos, principalmente cristianos, para llegar a la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela,     donde se dice que están los restos del apóstol Santiago el Mayor. En […]

Women’s Soccer in Spain Part 1: Modus Operandi


The culture and structure of fútbol in Spain cannot readily be translated to anything we have in the United States. Though soccer is gaining popularity in the U.S., sport culture still primarily revolves around men’s football (think pigskin), baseball, and basketball. However, soccer is pretty important. What’s more, it is primarily a women’s sport and […]

Teach and Learn Survival Guide (part 5)


Spring has sprung and after eight months I finally made it to the legendary bar Via Lactea last week to have a drink with a friend. I have to wonder what made me take so long to hit that famous spot, but, then again, Madrid is alive and pulsating and there is always something new […]

How to start off on the right foot in your “cole”


So the time of the year is upon us for either heading back to our schools, or finding our places in a new one. For those of us with several years experience it’s a familiar ritual of dos besos, filling people in on your summer holidays, comments about how tan you may be, and settling […]

6 diferencias culturales entre España y los EEUU en el ámbito de la sanidad


Allison Nguyen y Katherine Voss, The University of Oklahoma; Abbey Phelps y Sarah Smyth, Auburn University; y Molly Scarbro, Colorado State University. 1. La privacidad En general, los pacientes en España tienen menos privacidad que en los Estados Unidos. No hay secretos entre la familia del paciente y el médico –las familias pueden estar totalmente […]

¿Qué es la Unión Europea?


Delaney Barr, Butler University; Marco Gallegos, University of Arizona; Matthew Howell, Rider University; Margarita Ochoa, University of Arizona; Jordyn Wyatt, University of Central Missouri Estudiantes de la clase de la Unión Europea explican su historia y su papel en las relaciones internacionales.

Toledo: A City of Three Cultures


Just about an hour south of Madrid, you will find the city of Toledo, which is an excellent example of the expansive history of Spain. Throughout time, Spain has been home to many different people from various cultures including Christians, Jews and Arabs. At one time, these three cultures lived and thrived, working together to […]

Experiencia de los estudiantes otoño 2014


Samantha Moore y Lisa Siewert fueron estudiantes durante el semestre de otoño 2014 en el Instituto Franklin de la Universidad de Alcalá.En este vídeo nos cuentan como fue su experiencia. Samantha Moore y Lisa Siewert, University of Arizona

Classroom Management: Madrid vs. Anywhere Farther North


One of the characteristic differences you will notice during your first weeks in on of Madrid’s secondary or bachillerato classrooms is the noise. Indeed, there’s always somebody talking, and you may not be able get the culprits in your crosshairs because there are too many of them. The utterances “Silence!” and “Quiet!” are no longer […]

How to Teach & Learn: Documentation and Acclimation Guide


So you just got accepted to Instituto Franklin-UAH and are feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to expect and how to prepare to study and live abroad to Spain. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Going through the process of compiling all of the documentation, looking for housing, or even getting your metro card can be […]

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