A success story: How this program could further your career in Spain.


My story began 8 years ago. After I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a major in Preschool Education. I decided to move to Madrid to continue my studies by doing a Masters in Waldorf Infant Education. I spent two years in Madrid studying in La Salle University and working as an “auxiliar” for the Ministry of Education in a public school in Madrid. During this time, I had the opportunity to learn about how the Spanish education system works. It was very interesting to learn a new curriculum , different teaching styles and to meet students from various cultures. When this experience ended, I moved back to my hometown seeking a teaching position in a private school. I had several options, but none convinced me more than moving to Dallas to teach in a public school. I worked there for a year as a kindergarten teacher in a bilingual program. One night hanging out downtown, I reconnected with a friend from Spain. Coincidence or destiny? I don’t know, but what I do know is that she’s my wife now. Yep! Great things happen!

After the school year ended, we moved to Madrid. From that moment on, I started thinking about our future together. This led me to make the decision to homologate my B.A. in Preschool Education to Maestro Infantil. This title would allow me work as an Infantil teacher in any concertado or private school in Spain. I waited about nine months for the resolution of my case. I then had to pass three subjects at the university. The process was long, but it was worth it.

During this process, I started thinking about my next move in life. I had been considering studying another masters for a while, but wasn’t sure which route to take. I felt that a masters related to bilingualism would be a great step forward in my career, so I chose to do a Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. It was interesting, challenging and rewarding. Subjects like classroom management gave me different techniques and strategies to deal with the students, creating a safe and productive environment. I gained much more from this educational experience than I anticipated. I’m very grateful for the opportunity it gave me. Last month, I applied for my “Certificado de habilitación lingüística”, which is very important and essential for the bilingual program in Madrid. Thanks to the Master, the Ministry of Education granted me the “habilitación” without doing any exam.

For the past three years, I’ve been working as an Infantil teacher at a concertado school, which is the same school where I did my student teaching. Last year, my students graduated from Infantil. I’m very proud of all of their achievements over these past three years.

If you want to homologate your B.A. or your Master, these web links will help you with the process. Good luck!!!

General information: (HERE)

Guide: (HERE)

Remember to choose this option if you want to work as a teacher in Spain:

“Solicitud de homologación a un título español universitario de Grado o Master”… and pay this fee 161,60 euros

Oscar León de Jesús

Franklin Alumni Master in Bilingual & Multicultural Education 2012-2013


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