Master in Bilingual and Multicultural Studies: Jisoo Kim


During my MA in Bilingual and Multicultural Education Studies, I have gained thorough knowledge not only academically but also personally especially in finding out my own teaching philosophy. My undergraduate studies were English Literature and Media Studies but I have always had a deep interest in Education. MA in Bilingual and Multicultural Studies consists of full-time working hours during the week which really allow you to experience what teaching is like and if this is really right for you. The freedom and ability to apply what you have learnt and developed at a real class setting have helped me hugely to enhance my practice in teaching. I have developed a strong relationship with teachers and students in my school and this is what I miss the most about living in Spain.

My Spanish language skill was not so advanced but after living a year in Spain, I also had the chance to improve my Spanish. Your daily life in Spain becomes a great experience. You get to exchange your culture (basically who you are) with other people in Spain, especially those young people who are very eager to learn about other culture or learn your language. Being able to exchange what you have was an amazing experience.

After completing my MA program, I have moved to London where I have continued to work in school teaching Primary students in multicultural setting. My studies and experiences I had through my internship have definitely helped me whilst teaching in London as I had fundamental core philosophy of my own to follow. Also, it is rewarding to be able to share my experience in Spain with my students.


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