Excursión a la fábrica de Danone


Felipe Douce, University of Central Missouri; Symone Yancey, The College of New Jersey; Klara Owens, State University of New York. El día 8 de abril visitamos la fábrica de yogurt de Danone. Nos pareció muy interesante la excursión y vimos muchas diferencias y semejanzas entre lo que se percibe a través de la página web y cómo es […]

My life in Southern Illinois University


When I decided to study a Master´s Degree abroad I dreamed about making it in the U.S. Thanks to a UAH professor, I heard about Instituto Franklin-UAH and how they offered bridges to study in the U.S., and I heard they worked along with an American university, Southern Illinois University or SIU for short, in […]

Holy Toledo! A Trip to the City of Three Cultures


If you’ve ever heard the expression “Holy Toledo!”, which means something is mind-blowing, it probably started with this beautiful town just an hour south of Madrid. Known as the “City of Three Cultures”, Toledo shows influences of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish culture. Toledo is filled with representations of these three cultures in the form of […]

Great tips to start off the school year


For many you, this will be your first time teaching as an English Conversation Assistant, or better known as an “Auxiliar” in Spain. So welcome to Spain, and enjoy the experience. For those of you have taught in Spain before, I hope this post will be helpful! I remember what it was like to first […]

5 ideas to do in the classroom during Spring


Spring has finally arrived in Madrid, which means you’ve got antsy students in your sunlit classroom. Keeping students interested and motivated as we race toward the end of the school year can be a challenge. While you and your students count the days until school is out, here are five ideas for how you can […]

Partido de fútbol en el Instituto Franklin-UAH


Alina Ahsan, The College of New Jersey; Claudia Gargano, The College of New Jersey; y Victoria Simonton, The College of New Jersey. El lunes 16 de Marzo de 2015 se celebró un gran partido de fútbol en las instalaciones de la Universidad de Alcalá entre el equipo Benjie Wolves, formado por los jugadores y jugadoras Cristina […]

Teach and Learn Survival Guide (part 2)


How was your flight? I hope you had lots of short, relaxing layovers with no delays. Was your flight comfortable at all? I personally get a glass of wine or two while I play a few rounds of Solitaire so I can catch a nice cat nap before I start my movie binge to make […]

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!


It’s finally beginning to feel like autumn in Madrid. The air is cooler and the leaves are falling off the trees. The first month or two of teaching is finishing, and you’re finally getting into the swing of things. Halloween is quickly approaching and the stores are putting out spooky decorations. Each year this holiday […]

Teacher, what team are you from? How soccer explains Spain.


Anybody new to Spain from the United States may find themselves either immediately enamored with soccer culture here, or utterly confused. At first glance, in general, sports’ culture varies little from one culture to the next. Fans choose (or in many cases are born into) a favorite team, join together in social groups to view […]

25 FREE Things to do in Madrid


So you’ve successfully obtained your public transportation card, mastered the public transportation system, and now you’re ready to explore. You don’t have to break the bank to see all of the incredible sights and experiences that Madrid has to offer. Here are 25 completely FREE things to do in Madrid. 1. Relax at Parque del […]

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