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What is the 8802/6166 Tax Form? If you haven’t had a chance to see the first guide of this series about the apostille and background check process, check it out here. The next guide in this series is arguably one… Read more So you just got accepted to Instituto Franklin-UAH and are feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to expect and how to prepare to study and live abroad to Spain. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Going through the process of compiling… Read more Living in Spain gives you the opportunity to “country-hop” and explore new cultures and languages easily. The United States is so big that you can drive eight hours and still be in the same state, cough, looking at you Florida.… Read more This year is flying by, and I’m sure we are all ready for a vacation. With the winter holidays creeping up around the corner it’s time to start thinking of what you want to do with the time off. I’m… Read more If you’re anything like me, deciding to take the big plunge to a new life overseas wasn’t easy. You probably had all these fears about what it would be like, along with the excitement of exploring a different part of… Read more



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