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Este trabajo ha sido realizado por los alumnos de la clase “España en Imágenes: La Sociedad Española a través del Cine”. Los alumnos de la clase España en Imágenes: La Sociedad española a través del Cine han diseñado obras de… Read more During my MA in Bilingual and Multicultural Education Studies, I have gained thorough knowledge not only academically but also personally especially in finding out my own teaching philosophy. My undergraduate studies were English Literature and Media Studies but I have… Read more Angela Arguson, The College of New Jersey; Abrar Ebady, The College of New Jersey; Claudia Gargano, The College of New Jersey; Brooklin R. Jones, University of Oklahoma; Klara M.N. Owens, SUNY, Stony Brook. Read more Pre Teach and Learn Program I clearly remember telling my friends and family that I was moving to Madrid to teach English for a year and receive my Master in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. My entire family and all my friends… Read more My name is Adriana Vargas Perez, and I was among the first cohort of 29 students to enter the Teach and Learn Program in September 2008. It was not until I came home, two years later in 2010, that I came… Read more As I reflect back on my Teach & Learn experience as a student in the Master in International Education program, I can´t believe how fast time went by. I remember trying to balance teaching 10 levels of classes in my… Read more



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