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Rina Sarfraz shares her experience about her time in Study Abroad at Instituto Franklin-UAH. Read more In junior high and high school, I played competitive soccer five days a week. Soccer came before school, before friends, and sometimes even before family. After two years of playing up with older girls, I got burnt out, hung… Read more The culture and structure of fútbol in Spain cannot readily be translated to anything we have in the United States. Though soccer is gaining popularity in the U.S., sport culture still primarily revolves around men’s football (think pigskin), baseball,… Read more Baylie Beebe, Auburn University. Como parte del curso Voluntariado como inmersión social, el 24 de febrero fui a una casa para jóvenes y niños que no viven con sus familias por varias razones. El programa que coordina el voluntariado en… Read more George Tatoris, Anthony Gitto, Abigail Wirth, John Turner y Alina Ahsan: The Collegue of New Jersey Estas son algunas reflexiones que han escrito los alumnos de The Collegue of New Jersey… Read more Alina Ahsan, The College of New Jersey; Angelica Alvarez, University of Arizona; Abrar Ebady, The College of New Jersey; Katiana Jose Merlande, State University of New York; Stephanie Thom, State University of New York; John Turner, The College of New Jersey. Los estudiantes de la clase de “Español para profesionales de… Read more Jordyn Wyatt, University of Central Missouri Volunteering is so much fun! When I found out about the opportunity, I was so excited! I think it is great that as students we are able to do this. For me, I was… Read more Andrew Adams, University of Central Missouri; Courtney Balke, University of Oklahoma; Mary Kate Mueller, Long Island University; Jacob Snodgrass, University of Illinois; Stephanie Thom, Stony Brook; Helen Tristano, Stony Brook; Margaret Weir, Colorado State University Este viernes pasado tuvimos una oportunidad única: no solo… Read more Lupita Chavez, University of Arizona Como estudiante extranjera de Estados Unidos en la Universidad de Alcalá soy voluntaria en dos escuelas de primaria y enseño inglés a niños de tres a siete años. Esto no es solamente es una forma… Read more



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