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In junior high and high school, I played competitive soccer five days a week. Soccer came before school, before friends, and sometimes even before family. After two years of playing up with older girls, I got burnt out, hung… Read more The culture and structure of fútbol in Spain cannot readily be translated to anything we have in the United States. Though soccer is gaining popularity in the U.S., sport culture still primarily revolves around men’s football (think pigskin), baseball,… Read more Anybody new to Spain from the United States may find themselves either immediately enamored with soccer culture here, or utterly confused. At first glance, in general, sports’ culture varies little from one culture to the next. Fans choose (or in… Read more Cory Odom, Colorado State University. Si estáis en España, vosotros sabréis que el partido de fútbol entre Real Madrid y Barcelona se llama el clásico. Dejadme que os cuente. El clásico es el partido jugado entre Real Madrid y Barcelona, y… Read more Alina Ahsan, The College of New Jersey; Claudia Gargano, The College of New Jersey; y Victoria Simonton, The College of New Jersey. El lunes 16 de Marzo de 2015 se celebró un gran partido de fútbol en las instalaciones de la… Read more



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