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Who am I? I graduated from Instituto Franklin – UAH Teach & Learn master Program in June of 2016. In October of 2016, I started teaching English online for VIPKID, and also started working as an English Assistant at a primary… Read more Participating in the Teach & Learn program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I remember first hearing about the program while working as an assistant in an elementary school. I applied just for fun, still not sure… Read more My name is Jordan Carlton and I took part in the Teach & Learn program through Instituto Franklin in 2009-2010. I’m sure my experience was similar to many other students from the program, i.e. I absolutely loved my time in… Read more We’ve heard it all before, and we’ll probably never stop hearing it – life is a strange thing. We’ll probably never know for certain if there is some sort of of mysterious guiding force behind the scenes (for many of… Read more For the month I stayed in Alcalá de Henares, I think my absolute favorite trip was to Toledo with the university. I went partly because I was taking Spanish Civilization and Culture, and the professor said it was… Read more What follows are ten suggestions of “things to do” that should be of interest to any American student living in Alcalá. Without a doubt, you will have heard – or you will hear soon – about the most iconic sites… Read more Daisy Creager (The University of Oklahoma), Natalie Dela Cruz (Colorado State University), Tiffany Dorn (Auburn University), Valeria García (St. Mary’s University), Kinsey Leavitt (Auburn University), Mitchell Macheske, Allison Nguyen (The University of Oklahoma), Brittany Panko (The University of Oklahoma), Julia… Read more Estudiantes del curso “El Legado Andalusí” Rachel Anton, Thelma Carrera, Alyson Lukacher, Erica Roman, Troy Salnick (The College of New Jersey); Choliman Carley (University of Tennessee); Caleb Rudge, Jennetta Siracuse, Emily Kim (SUNY) y Katherine Vos (University of Oklahoma). La… Read more Melanie Marie Salmon & Beth Lindsey Strumpf (The College of New Jersey) Read more SHOW NOT TELL Valeria García (St. Mary’s University) Anna Wheeler (Auburn University) “¿Qué es un gofre?” This week in class, our American friends, Valeria and Anna, went on a little adventure. They decided to explore the difference between a “gofre”… Read more



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