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Andrés González, St Mary’s University; Cassandra Camacho y Claire Tomlinson, University of Arizona; Quinn James Cordeiro, Colorado State University; Victoria Newkirk y Rachel Friedman, Rider University En la clase de “Español Avanzado” con la finalidad de trabajar la conversación y practicar expresiones de opinión, hemos ha […] Having studied abroad and traveled to Spain in the past, the Teach and Learn Program was an excellent way to return to the country for an extended period of time. The combination of being able to work and live in a city like Madrid as well as enjoy the relaxed university atmosphere of Alcalá was a huge plus when deci […] Margaret Farry, Claire Tomlinson, Charlotte Kishi, University of Arizona; Maureen Hudson, Steven Rodriguez, Symone Yancey, The College of New Jersey; Aaron Hurd, Colorado State University; Victoria Newkirk, Rider University; Helen Tristano, SUNY Stony Brook University; Phillip Tully Douce, University of Central Missouri El 2 de febrero visit […] When I was deciding on whether or not to do the T&L Program, I figured it would just be a year of my life then I’d have a master’s degree. Well, it was much more than that. I looked forward to every Friday, a chance to catch up with classmates, learn something new that would change my perspective on t […] Pre-Teach and Learn “No, no, Eric. You sit over there.” I’ll never forget the night when Cristina Blanco, the director of the study abroad program at Instituto Franklin at Universidad de Alcalá, introduced me to her. Cristina had organized this intercambio event and ensured that I shared in conversation over tapas with the beautiful brunette […]



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