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Wondering what to do in Alcalá? Interested in sampling some traditional food and seeing people in period costumes? October in Madrid is now here, and to me, that means one thing: the medieval fair in Alcalá de Henares. It was… Read more Are you staying in Madrid over the Christmas break? With the lights, markets, and festivities, the city is definitely the place to be over the holiday! During the holiday season, Madrid comes alive with Christmas spirit, so be sure to… Read more Halloween in Spain goes back to the origins of the holiday. This day is meant to be scary. Here you will not see people dressed as cute or sexy anything like you would in the USA. Everyone from adults to… Read more Every autumn, Alcala de Henares prepares for its largest festival of the year, which brings around 300,000 tourists to the city. The Medieval Market, which is one of the largest markets of its kind in Europe, arrives at the beginning… Read more For the month I stayed in Alcalá de Henares, I think my absolute favorite trip was to Toledo with the university. I went partly because I was taking Spanish Civilization and Culture, and the professor said it was… Read more George Tatoris, Anthony Gitto, Abigail Wirth, John Turner y Alina Ahsan: The Collegue of New Jersey Estas son algunas reflexiones que han escrito los alumnos de The Collegue of New Jersey… Read more Felipe Douce, University of Central Missouri; Symone Yancey, The College of New Jersey; Klara Owens, State University of New York. El día 8 de abril visitamos la fábrica de yogurt de Danone. Nos pareció muy interesante la excursión y vimos muchas diferencias y… Read more Christina Gerew, The College of New Jersey. Mi experiencia en España fue increíble con muchos viajes a diferentes comunidades autónomas en el país. Hace un mes, fui a de Segovia con estudiantes de la universidad para ver el famoso Castillo del… Read more Alina Ahsan, The College of New Jersey; Claudia Gargano, The College of New Jersey; y Victoria Simonton, The College of New Jersey. El lunes 16 de Marzo de 2015 se celebró un gran partido de fútbol en las instalaciones de la… Read more Charlotte Kishi, University of Arizona; Maggie Farrie, University of Arizona; Leah Guerrero, University of Arizona; Alexandra Wilcox, University of Arizona; George Tatoris, University of Arizona. Read more



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