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It was our Introduction to Literary Analysis class in the spring of 2017, and we had to take Federico García Lorca’s famous Bodas de sangre and adapt it to make our own play. We had full power over the concept,… Read more Día del libro is the best. Falling on April 23rd of each year, Día del libro represents a fascinating chorus of cultures and history. It also bridges leisure’s gap between spring break and Labor Day in Spain (May 1st). Though… Read more Any resident of Madrid who happened through the center of Madrid this weekend most likely noticed the harbingers of the upcoming excuse to visit your local Irish pub. From corny felt top hats with the Guinness logo, to signs… Read more Daisy Creager (The University of Oklahoma), Natalie Dela Cruz (Colorado State University), Tiffany Dorn (Auburn University), Valeria García (St. Mary’s University), Kinsey Leavitt (Auburn University), Mitchell Macheske, Allison Nguyen (The University of Oklahoma), Brittany Panko (The University of Oklahoma), Julia… Read more Estudiantes del curso “El Legado Andalusí” Rachel Anton, Thelma Carrera, Alyson Lukacher, Erica Roman, Troy Salnick (The College of New Jersey); Choliman Carley (University of Tennessee); Caleb Rudge, Jennetta Siracuse, Emily Kim (SUNY) y Katherine Vos (University of Oklahoma). La… Read more Melanie Marie Salmon & Beth Lindsey Strumpf (The College of New Jersey) Read more SHOW NOT TELL Valeria García (St. Mary’s University) Anna Wheeler (Auburn University) “¿Qué es un gofre?” This week in class, our American friends, Valeria and Anna, went on a little adventure. They decided to explore the difference between a “gofre”… Read more Aaron Hurd, The University of Colorado. En un libro tan famoso como Don Quijote, las imágenes tienen un papel más importante que casi todo. Si un director no presenta a Don Quijote y Sancho Panza de una manera cómoda para… Read more George Tatoris, Anthony Gitto, Abigail Wirth, John Turner y Alina Ahsan: The Collegue of New Jersey Estas son algunas reflexiones que han escrito los alumnos de The Collegue of New Jersey… Read more Margaret Farry, Claire Tomlinson, Charlotte Kishi, University of Arizona; Maureen Hudson, Steven Rodriguez, Symone Yancey, The College of New Jersey; Aaron Hurd, Colorado State University; Helen Tristano, SUNY Stony Brook University; Phillip Tully Douce, University of Central Missouri; Victoria Newkirk, Rider… Read more



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