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It’s finally here: one of the coziest times of the year. The leaves are changing colors, it’s almost time to start listening to Christmas music, Starbucks has started selling their special holiday drinks, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.… Read more Wondering what to do in Alcalá? Interested in sampling some traditional food and seeing people in period costumes? October in Madrid is now here, and to me, that means one thing: the medieval fair in Alcalá de Henares. It was… Read more During their stay at Instituto Franklin-UAH, several students were asked about their personal experience and perceptions. They were given the opportunity of getting to know the city of Alcalá de Henares, one of the most visited, beautiful and impressive cities… Read more Anybody new to Spain from the United States may find themselves either immediately enamored with soccer culture here, or utterly confused. At first glance, in general, sports’ culture varies little from one culture to the next. Fans choose (or in… Read more It’s finally here. The road has been unbearably long and excruciatingly painful, but our election season has finally reached its end. After nearly nineteen months of personal insults, pathetic walk-backs, and multiple assaults of racist and misogynistic comments, Americans have… Read more Halloween in Spain goes back to the origins of the holiday. This day is meant to be scary. Here you will not see people dressed as cute or sexy anything like you would in the USA. Everyone from adults to… Read more Every autumn, Alcala de Henares prepares for its largest festival of the year, which brings around 300,000 tourists to the city. The Medieval Market, which is one of the largest markets of its kind in Europe, arrives at the beginning… Read more What follows are ten suggestions of “things to do” that should be of interest to any American student living in Alcalá. Without a doubt, you will have heard – or you will hear soon – about the most iconic sites… Read more Allison Nguyen y Katherine Voss, The University of Oklahoma; Abbey Phelps y Sarah Smyth, Auburn University; y Molly Scarbro, Colorado State University. 1. La privacidad En general, los pacientes en España tienen menos privacidad que en los Estados Unidos. No… Read more Beth Strumpf, Chris Dinon, Cinthia Bonilla, David Adlai-Gail, Emily Roberts, Erica Roman, Melanie Salmon, Thelma Carrera, The College of New Jersey. Antes de venir a España, ninguno de nosotros sabía que Alcalá de Henares tenía una población grande de inmigrantes. Alcalá de Henares es una ciudad que… Read more



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