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Semana Santa has come and gone, and here we are again for our final rendition of the Instituto Franklin’s Survival Guide. Some of you have reached out to me on Facebook to ask me about getting adjusted to life here… Read more So your time abroad is nearing its end, and you’re trying your best to make the most of the last bit of time you have here before returning home and having to try to summarize the last several months to… Read more Spring has sprung and after eight months I finally made it to the legendary bar Via Lactea last week to have a drink with a friend. I have to wonder what made me take so long to hit that famous… Read more Muy buenas, gentle readers. I’m tempted to change the opening for this blog to something more catchy…maybe a little more Gossip Girl-esque. But, despite their similarities, this is Madrid, not New York, and I´m a little more Javier Calvo than… Read more Well, gentle readers, it´s that time again—your weekly update to your Instituto Franklin Survival Guide, guided by your gracious program leader and honorary sherpa, Jonathan. I honestly haven´t been having a good week so far, readers, but bad spells are… Read more Participating in the Teach & Learn program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I remember first hearing about the program while working as an assistant in an elementary school. I applied just for fun, still not sure… Read more My name is Jordan Carlton and I took part in the Teach & Learn program through Instituto Franklin in 2009-2010. I’m sure my experience was similar to many other students from the program, i.e. I absolutely loved my time in… Read more Charlotte Kishi, University of Arizona; Maggie Farrie, University of Arizona; Leah Guerrero, University of Arizona; Alexandra Wilcox, University of Arizona; George Tatoris, University of Arizona. Read more Delaney Barr, Butler University; Marco Gallegos, University of Arizona; Matthew Howell, Rider University; Margarita Ochoa, University of Arizona; Jordyn Wyatt, University of Central Missouri Estudiantes de la clase de la Unión Europea explican su historia y su papel en las relaciones internacionales. Read more Ana Cristina Cuello, University of Central Florida El fuego calienta, ilumina, consume y desinfecta. Es un símbolo del infierno; nacimiento y resurrección; purificación. Transformación y renovación: el viejo crecimiento se quema para dejar paso a un nuevo crecimiento de rejuvenecimiento.… Read more



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