Does Teach & Learn Prepare Me for a Ph.D.?


So, you’re thinking about five more years of academic work post-masters. Five more years of espresso-fueled nights, of living with three roommates in a 700 square-foot apartment, of relying on the divine blessing of Moe’s Mondays to provide you at least one affordable meal per week that doesn’t come out of a box, all to […]

El español de Andalucía


Maureen Hudson, The City College of New Jersey El sur de España está caracterizado por gente amable, ciudades bonitas, y, lo más difícil para los anglo-parlantes, un acento distinto. El dialecto andaluz tiene algunas diferencias del español normativo con respeto a la fonética. Hemos escuchado una canción con acento andaluz, “Cai” interpretada por Niña Pastori y […]

Service learning from a student’s perspective


Jordyn Wyatt, University of Central Missouri Volunteering is so much fun! When I found out about the opportunity, I was so excited! I think it is great that as students we are able to do this. For me, I was glad to meet the children because it would give me the opportunity to practice speaking […]

Adjusting to life abroad and making Madrid your home


If you’re anything like me, deciding to take the big plunge to a new life overseas wasn’t easy. You probably had all these fears about what it would be like, along with the excitement of exploring a different part of the world. You have this wild idea that living overseas will be like something out […]

The Benefits of Earning Your Masters Degree Abroad With Teach & Learn


If you’re anything like me, the prospect of earning your masters degree abroad probably seems exciting, but mostly- terrifying. Will future employers recognize this degree back in my home country? Will I have to go through a lengthy, expensive process to have this degree evaluated and translated? What happens if I decide to pursue further […]

Teach and Learn Survival Guide (part 6)


Semana Santa has come and gone, and here we are again for our final rendition of the Instituto Franklin’s Survival Guide. Some of you have reached out to me on Facebook to ask me about getting adjusted to life here in jolly old Madrid, and I could not be more flattered. By all means reach […]

St. Mary´s University & Instituto Franklin-UAH


Meghann Peace: Hello, my name is Meghann Peace and I am a professor of Spanish Linguistics at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. Instituto Franklin-UAH: How long have you been collaborating with Instituto Franklin-UAH and why? Mp: It is now all over two years because I first began in January 2016 as a field […]

Aprendiendo expresiones españolas


Andrés González, St Mary’s University; Cassandra Camacho, University of Arizona; Claire Tomlinson, University of Arizona; Quinn James Cordeiro, Colorado State University; Victoria Newkirk, Rider University; y Rachel Friedman, Rider University. Durante el curso, en las clases de Español Avanzado hemos estudiado algunas expresiones en español. Por eso aquí os explicamos algunas de ellas: “Llevarse el gato al agua” […]

How Not to Get Lost at the Medieval Market


Every autumn, Alcala de Henares prepares for its largest festival of the year, which brings around 300,000 tourists to the city. The Medieval Market, which is one of the largest markets of its kind in Europe, arrives at the beginning of October (Friday the 7th this year) to commemorate the baptism of the most famous Spanish […]

My Study Abroad in Spain Experience


Sitting in a café in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, drinking American-style filtered coffee, and it’s hard to believe I’ve been home for a week now. My semester in Alcalá felt like one of the longest four-month periods of my life but it also went by in the blink of an eye. Now that the jet lag is […]

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