Service learning from a student’s perspective

Jordyn Wyatt, University of Central Missouri 

4005631298_4e7ed5155c_oVolunteering is so much fun! When I found out about the opportunity, I was so excited! I think it is great that as students we are able to do this. For me, I was glad to meet the children because it would give me the opportunity to practice speaking to younger people, which does not happen often. I am constantly learning new things! I also enjoy teaching a bit of English, too. I’m learning how to explain things in a different way, and this just gives me more practice! I’m glad I can spend time with the kids and put a smile on their face! I would definitely recommend doing this to future students. I know that when I leave to return back home, I will miss the kids!

Thank You Franklin Institute for giving me this opportunity!


Carlos Herrero Mtnez
Licenciado en Historia por la Universidad de Alcalá y Diploma de Estudios Avanzados en Historia Medieval. Ha participado en el proyecto Europeo CLIOHRES financiado por la UNESCO y la UE en el grupo “Frontiers and Identities” entre los años 2005 y 2009. Su interés investigador está centrado en Estudios Culturales, la formación de las identidades nacionales y los discursos de alteridad a lo largo de la Historia. Actualmente trabaja como profesor de Civilización y Cultura española en el Instituto Franklin-UAH.

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