Olivia StandingBear: Master in Bilingual and Multicultural Education, 2013-2014 class


When I was deciding on whether or not to do the T&L Program, I figured it would just be a year of my life then I’d have a master’s degree.  Well, it was much more than that.  I looked forward to every Friday, a chance to catch up with classmates, learn something new that would change my perspective on the world, while still having time for tapas afterwards.  The classroom setting was relaxing and gorgeous with flowers blooming in the courtyard outside and storks hovering above. It is an experience I will always treasure and I still enjoy going back to Alcalá to visit, as there is much history and ambiance.  Whether you want to make a career out of teaching or just want to work in education in one way or another, this program will open your eyes to the possibilities out there for helping and understanding others.


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